Tyre Nichols' Funeral held Wednesday


Tyre Nichols, a beloved father, husband, and musician, was laid to rest on Wednesday in a ceremony that drew hundreds of family and friends. The funeral service was held at the First Baptist Church of Houston, and was an emotional and touching tribute to the life of Tyre.

The ceremony began with a stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace”, performed by Tyre’s best friend, musician and recording artist, Kenny Smith. The song was followed by a heartfelt eulogy from Tyre’s wife, Mandy. She spoke of the joy Tyre brought to her life, and the love he showed for their two children. Other family and friends shared their fondest memories of Tyre, as well as their appreciation for the impact he had on their lives.

The funeral ended with a touching rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer”, sung by Tyre’s daughter, Alyssa. The church was filled with tears of sadness and joy, as Tyre’s life was celebrated.

Key Points of Tyre Nichols’ Funeral:
– Held at First Baptist Church of Houston
– Started with a rendition of “Amazing Grace”
– Eulogy given by Tyre’s wife, Mandy
– Friends and family shared their memories of Tyre
– Ended with a rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer”

Tyre Nichols' Funeral held Wednesday – Real Estate in St. Joseph MO

Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to be there, as well as the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

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